Sunday, 24 February 2008

Days out.....

Last weekend saw us enjoying a lovely day out and we had Maisie with us for her holidays (school half term). She comes to stay with us every school holiday and it's a treat to have her with us. Sunday saw us going to Cambridge to get some stuff for Maisie's bridesmaid duties so I felt it would be a good idea to let Marianne and Maisie to enjoy some 'together' time - unhindered by me. At least for a couple of hours. So, what could I do? The other day we bought a new 'novelty ' lens (some call it that anyway) , mainly to do arty shots at weddings etc. It's an extreme wide-angle or fish-eye lens. Boy, is it a fun thing. So that was what Barry did.... photographed all the traditional Cambridge stuff through the eyes of a fish!

I did enjoy using the lens.... but it does has it's problems. It's field of vision is so great elbows and feet have to kept in! I remember getting a book for my kids which was called "Find (or was it, Where's?) Wally". You had to find this character in amongst a whole of mess of characters but he was always dressed the same. I felt like Wally.... if it wasn't my foot, it was my elbow. If it wasn't either, it was my shadow!

This lens come with a software bonus. With CaptureNX you can use this lens as a fairly well corrected wide-angle lens, it removes all the distortion.... I was amazed.

After .......

Marianne and Maisie had really good time too. Well, they had a lot of bags - the contents of which some I was not allowed to see. I Wonder.... Weddings, Treats, Girly Time?

Thursday, 21 February 2008

To start then....

I suppose the easiest way is to share with you how I come to view humans. Basically, complex creatures with a need (usually) to relate to one another. Even a plea to be alone is, in a sense, a recognition of that need but in a reciprocal manner. Humans have a desire (usually) to be aware of and be part of their surroundings - a need to fit in.

Having said that - my life was in a state! It was chaotic, unordered. Melancholic and sometimes soulful.... until.... I joined a web forum! There, in a nutshell, was the making of me, although I was far from realising it. It took a further two years to come to an understanding of ... ME.

I was short of love in my marriage. My children loved me and continue to do so. But something more defining in my marriage was missing. I always felt I had the capacity to love someone deeply but it had to be reciprocated - and that bit was missing. Even after a long relationship (another BIG story) I realised that it was never going to happen unless something changed. Oh boy, did it change. Through the wonder of the Internet and THAT forum I bumped into a wonderful lady that was to turn everything upside down and make me the happy person I think I am now. How others see me I'm not too sure but I'm happy!
Picperfic meets Custard... that's who we were and that's who we still are! The personification of our noms-des-plumes. So perfect is that bond, that meeting of mind and heart, that this April will see our relationship culminate in wedded bliss.

Back to the 'people' bit. This photograph just about exemplifies where I am with people around me. This artist spent about 3/4 of an hour setting up his easel and acoutriments (latex gloves, hat securely knotted beneath the chin) and tucked himself away in a corner of Cromer pier, in such a position that no person could ever see what he was painting. Many tried actually, myself included, but all came away with looks on their faces which tended to say, "I don't know what he's painting". But, he was a picture himself. Which is why I was determined to capture that image.

My hope is that he doesn't read this blog. If you are he and reading this, please accept my sincere apologies if you feel offended!