Monday, 9 February 2009

A New Year!

After a restful holiday - well, as much as a houseful of 11 people is restful - I moved quietly into 2009.

It had to be quiet because the 5th of January saw me going into hospital for some elective surgery - repair some damage that lifting a suitcase off of an airport baggage carousel. Nothing too serious, but something that needed doing.

So, with the Winter blues well under way, an operation, 3 weeks off work with restricted movement and no driving, I was not really looking forward to the next few weeks. I wish I could say I rose above it all, but in all honesty I didn't make too good a job of it - even though I had the best nurse life could offer. She was (as ever) FANTASTIC! Thank you, sweetheart.

The other thing that has bugged me lately is my lack of desire for taking/creating any photographs. It's happened in the past but NOW, this time, I needed a pick me up.

The snow came, it went again. No attempt to take a photo... this is not me. Saturday, I had to put some things in the garage and take some stuff out for sorting. Alongside the path Marianne had placed a tub with some bulbs in (I believe Mavis planted them when she stayed with us). I was worried about them because of the cold and the snow. I spotted a couple of pink flowers struggling to find light, poking their daring little heads bravely out through the snow, out into the sunshine. I have to admit I rushed in for the camera..... not totally inspired, but I was moved to take these photos.

Coconut Ice!